How to get rid of Loud Laptop Fan Noise? |

How to get rid of Loud Laptop Fan Noise?

Yes, computers are machines but not jet engines to make loud noises, right? Laptop fan noise is
annoying, and it can happen due to various reasons. In this article, we are talking all about laptop fan
noise and how to get rid of it.
What causes pc fans to make load noises?
Inside of your laptop, there are loads of hardware, and they tend to generate a considerable amount of
heat. In order to keep the temperature levels checked, they must be provided adequate cooling; what the
fan does is that, take out all this heat with its spinning wind and bring cool air to the computer.
While you are performing heavy-duty tasks such as playing games or editing multimedia, it’s pretty normal
to fan work much faster and make little noise. First of all, as long as they keep your system cool, there is
nothing to get worried about. However, if the laptop fan noise is loud under basic sort of activities, then
there might be a problem. If you are in a worry thinking why is my computer fan so loud? The following
are the main probable reasons. 

Dirty fans

Building dust inside the computers is inevitable in most circumstances; dust and debris can make the fans
less effective over time, and it’s one of the main reasons for laptop fan noise. 

Poor ventilation

This issue is more related to laptops than PCs as the bottom part of the laptops usually get covered either
from a surface or your legs, making no room for proper ventilation. This can cause fans to make louder

Faulty fans

Fans have moving parts in them and the huge workload can wear them down gradually, and eventually,
they break. The components of the fans can become loose over time and unavoidably make louder noise
as well. 

Workload on CPU

Usually, there can be loud laptop fan noise when your CPU runs at its maximum capacity. When a certain
program eats a huge chunk from your CPU resources, the machine tends to get heat up quickly; in order
to keep it cool, the fans have to generate more cool air to the machine by running fast. 

Is loud laptop noise harmful to the machine?

As you would know by now, the duty of the PC fans is to keep your machine in a relaxed state. If it makes
noises regularly for a more extended period of time for no reason, it could be because of they are not in
good condition to facilitate appropriate heat levels for the hardware. This is dangerous for your laptop or
PC and can bring you unwanted consequences.
The first thing you will notice is that drastic slowdowns and freezes while you try to perform slightly bigger
tasks. The CPU will try to shut down by itself in order to prevent substantial hardware damages; this is
why you get blue screens and crashes often. If you don’t fix the issue as soon as possible, these
problems can get out of your control and do more damages to your PC’s components.
In that sense, let’s see how to get rid of loud laptop noises.

How to fix loud laptop fan noises?

Clean the fans

Now, this is a cakewalk for the pc users as it’s so easy to remove the side panels and get access to the
fans. All you would need a screwdriver and a clean piece of fabric to clean your fans safely (in the
simplest of forms). However, it can be a daunting task for laptop users. If you don’t know how to do it,
never try to open up the case of your laptop. First, it can take your warranty to an end, and also, it’s not
the most straightforward thing in the world, particularly if you are a rookie to these things.

Move your PC or laptop to a suitable place

Move your PC to a cool, dry area to help your fans for better airflow. We have seen some PC users keep
it in enclosed cupboards and stick to the walls for numerous reasons, which can lead to noisier PC fans. If
you are experiencing the same at the minute, move it right now to a better environment and check
whether the issue exists. The same theory applies to laptop users; do not block the airflow to your fans.

Consider a cooling pad.

Yes, as we said, cleaning the fans for laptop users might not be the easiest solution. But, you can try an
external laptop cooling pad instead to keep your machine in good health. A laptop cooling pad can extract
the heat out of the unit and ensure constant airflow to the machine; it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to
buy one.

Use fan controlling software

There is good fan control software available nowadays to monitor and adjust the fan speeds. But, keep in
mind this might not be the most suitable solution for the issue. Yes, slowing down the fan speed might
stop the annoying loud laptop fan noise but will cause the hardware to remain hot and work, potentially
damaging your machine. When tweaking the fan speed, you must have a close eye on the laptop’s
temperature levels.

Close unwanted programs

This can be a sudden fix to the loud laptop fan noises. As you know, the fans run fast when the CPU is
used to the fullest. You can open the task manager (
) and see the programs that are eating huge chunks
and close them down if you are not using them right now.

Replace the fans

The final solution we suggest is that you will have to replace the fans if nothing above works for you. Like
anything and everything in this world, PC fans also don’t live for forever. Replacing the fan is not a
Himalayan task for PC users, and we recommend you to visit a service provider if you own a laptop.


Ok, guys, that’s a wrap from us. We think now you know everything about loud laptop fan noise and how
to get rid of it. Go through the article and let us know if you have any questions via a comment on the
information we provided. Thank you for your time, and have a great day! Cheers!

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