Why is YouTube so Slow [Easiest Solutions Explained]

Why is YouTube so Slow [Easiest Solutions Explained]

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world. In fact, more than one billion watch hours accumulate per month on this incredible platform of Google. So, lags are just part and parcel of the game. Usually, YouTube runs flawlessly on your computer or mobile device. However, if you think about why is YouTube so slow, we have some of the simplest of remedies that you can do without much effort. Let’s see what we have to offer you.

Why is YouTube so slow?

Please try one or a few of these if you are wondering why is YouTube so slow.

Check the internet connection

Stop. Don’t come to a conclusion that YouTube is the culprit here. The first thing you have to do is check your own internet connection; usually, this is the primary reason for the slow YouTube. You can disconnect whatever internet source you are using to browse the internet and reconnect. If you still face the issue, then move on to the next step.

Change the video quality

This works well especially when you are working with low internet bandwidth. All you have to do is go to the settings button of the YouTube interface (at the video interface) and change the current video quality to a lower level. In addition, most people just use YouTube to listen to music while they are working on something else on the PC. In that case, you really don’t have to choose high-quality video output to listen to music. This trick tends to work brilliantly, and coming down to 720p or 480p from 1080p won’t be much of an issue if you don’t care about the video quality of the content that you are watching. That said, certainly, there will be a dip in the quality, so it’s in your hand to decide whether this implementation worth it or not.

Use a VPN

Using a VPN can provide a boost for internet speed. The speed of the internet and video speed go hand in hand. There are paid and free VPNs. If you take the privacy side of things seriously, you should consider a paid VPN for sure. However, there is no lack of free services on the internet, and you can try such a VPN to come out of this issue without much of a problem.

Update the browser

If you are a PC user who uses a web browser to log in to YouTube, you can update the browser to overcome the issue. The old versions of web browsers have compatibility concerns and can contribute to this particular problem. An updated browser is essential for all internet-related activities. If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you don’t usually have to update it manually, as it automatically searches and installs available updates when you restart the browser. However, you can still look for the available updates for your Chrome browser. Here is how you do it. Click the three dots at the right upper corner of the screen of the Chrome browser and click “help.” Then navigate to “About Google Chrome”; here, you will see if there is a new update available for you to install, or it will tell if your browser is running on the latest version.

Clear the cache of the browser


The cache is another factor associated with the browser that you are working with, and it is a good idea to clear it when this type of incident occurs. The cache stores temporary data to load web pages faster for you, but this accumulated data can cause the pages to load slowly over time. So, you have to make sure to clear the cache of the browser regularly. Here is how to clear the cache on the Google Chrome browser H4 Go to settings by clicking the three dots at the upper right-hand corner and navigate to “more tools” and “clear browsing data.” From there, you can clear cookies and cache for all time.

Get rid of unwanted tabs

Another reason for the question of why is YouTube so slow is too many opened tabs on the browser. If you are working with multiple tabs simultaneously, it can hamper the overall speed of your computer, and definitely, it has an impact on YouTube videos as well; so, try closing unwanted tabs and see whether it fixes the issue. Click here to read what is Facebook jail?

Restart the browser

Restarting the browser also can be an easy fix for the “why is YouTube so slow” issue. You can close the entire browser straightway by clicking “close.” Now open task manager on Windows or Activity Monitor on Mac to check whether the browser is closed correctly. Then restart the browser and try playing the video again.

Try different browser

Also, you can try a different browser to log in to YouTube and play videos. If you don’t have time to fix issues on the browser that you have the issue with, trying a different browser would provide you with quick answers more often than not. For those who are struggling with the Google Chrome browser, Firefox is the next best possible option we recommend. However, nowadays, there are tons of Chrome alternatives available; you are free to pick whatever you like as far as you get the solution.

Restart the computer

Perhaps restarting the computer is the universal remedy for most bugs and issues; so, why not? Simply close all the running programs on the computer and restart. This will flush minor malfunctions of the software programs, and your computer now will try to give it a fresh go.

Conclusion of why is YouTube so slow?

We hope your issue is over by now. More often than not, it’s your internet connection and browser causes such lags, and if you follow our tips vigilantly this is not rocket science to overcome this issue. If you need any clarification or further assistance, please comment below. Our team will respond to you as soon as possible. Have a great day!

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