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StrongVPN is one of the very first to set up VPN businesses. It has been in service since 1994 and is in the USA. It has not always been one of the better VPN services available over the past few years, but due to intensified competition from many new competitors, it has launched many recent and significant changes.

It comes with excellent capacity servers primarily in the U.S. and U.K., but in most other areas it can skip high-speed servers. But if you wish to link to an I.P. other than that of the U.S. or U.K., you can make sure that StrongVPN supports those places.

One of the main benefits of this VPN is that it has a zero logs policy, ensuring that there are no traces of your web operation.

Read the StrongVPN summary below to learn about the consistency of services delivered.


StrongVPN performs reasonably well when it comes to tempo. Several new VPN companies are promising faster speeds, but StrongVPN ‘s pace and efficiency should be more than enough to do complex tasks without problems like watching H.D. content, uploading big files and playing multiplayer online games.

Those speeds do not always seem to be compatible, however. Most of the time, when streaming, you can encounter intermittent lag and buffering problems. However, this is very unusual and typically occurs when several people are connecting to a computer at the same time.

Even then, the efficiency is still good, and you won’t face frustrating glitches or declines to a more inadequate quality video.

It is also ideal for low latency and ping time for gamers.


Unlike many other newer VPN providers, StrongVPN lacks servers and I.P.s in a vast number of countries. The service has over 650 robust servers but only in 26 different countries and 46 towns.

Many of the newer VPN companies have servers in as many as 100 countries. Becomes the standard for any VPN provider and 26 increasingly merely is too tiny of a number relative to what many others have to deliver.

Most servers are based in the United States and the United Kingdom, so if you want to connect to these sites, StrongVPN is perfect for you. In this group, we really can not give it a perfect score given, so several other VPN providers have many times more countries and locations to choose from.

Again, it’s perfect for the U.S. and U.K., since the bulk of servers are based there.

If you are interested in consuming streaming content through a U.S. Address, then StrongVPN is fantastic since it has a broad range of servers in the U.S., many times more than most isps, including those with more than 100 locations and countries listed above.


StrongVPN is based in the U.S., a very unfriendly jurisdiction in terms of privacy. But the big thing of StrongVPN is that it has a no-logs policy, ensuring it won’t hold track of any user data at all – not even temporary ones. It involves details such as the time that you logged in and the server used.

The reason this is so nice is that the vast majority of VPN companies are not adopting this strategy at the moment and can not report details such as link times.
But it’s always a perfect option for privacy lovers despite being based in the US. However, we can not provide a maximum score for StrongVPN in this group. With all the NSA stuff going on, you can’t be 100 per cent positive of what’s going on with internet traffic in the US yet. So StrongVPN can not get the highest score in this group, as much as we would like.

Ease of Use

StrongVPN historically didn’t have a very user-friendly interface, mostly because the software was just that mature. The business was founded in 1994, but it only holds a lot of old ideas out of date now. But with a restructuring and a brand different web and ios app, everything has improved lately.

The website itself is not very easy to access, but I do find it is a little obsolete and old-school personally. But that doesn’t mean that isn’t healthy. That is also my aesthetic taste.

In the other side, the model looks pretty good but not that new. The main screen (which is the one you’ll spend much of your time on) is very minimalist and includes only a slider for the place you want to connect to, and then click / disconnect button.

On a settings menu, you can adjust more advanced settings which will show all the adjustable variables on a single page, which is pretty nice.

You can say the same things about the ios app too.

StrongVPN would get a better score in this category if it had a more contemporary look and sound, aesthetically. However, it’s outstanding in terms of features so don’t let my biased esthetic opinions deter you.


StrongVPN’s service before the upgrade wasn’t that nice. Now it has a live chat feature which wasn’t there before. You will generally get a reply within a few minutes from the company’s. The concern is that if you’re not very descriptive about your question or explaining your dilemma, you could get a simple, predetermined response back.

It also seems like the Online Chat service reps aren’t that technically experienced. If you have an overly technical problem, then you may be referred to tech support, and the next day you may only get a response.

So if you’re a complete novice with VPNs, maybe it’s easier to read technical articles on our website or related pages than to ask for live chat from StrongVPN.

If you already know how to set up VPNs, you’ll never have to deal with technical help.

Fortunately, the billing service is excellent and competent. StrongVPN would also not get an abysmal score in this segment.


Unlike several other VPN services, StrongVPN only has two price options rather than the standard 3.

Both are $10 a month for a one-month subscription and $5.83 a month for the unlimited subscription of 12 months.

It has a guarantee of 30 days of refund, which is more than the regular 7 days or 14 days that most other VPN companies offer.

Isn’t inherently a very high price, but for the very same sum of money (or often much cheaper) most other and younger VPN providers provide much more services (especially when it comes to IP locations and countries). But we can’t award that group a high score either.

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