Apple CarPlay not Working | Here How To Fix 

Is your Apple CarPlay not working? This is article is all about fixing this issue.

Apple CarPlay, a feature found in modern cars, allows users to control and view various iPhone or iPad-based apps, such as moving-map navigation, via the Dashboard’s media system.

CarPlay also supports hands-free calling and voice-to-text conversion, as well as vice versa. Driving and using a phone can be problematic. Apple CarPlay is a more efficient and reliable way that removes the problem by allowing the user to use iPhone while driving.

CarPlay offers various options; find directions, make phone calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music. The Car’s built-in display shows all the information. CarPlay also includes all-new app categories and personalized backgrounds for CarPlay Dashboard.

CarPlay with Siri voice control built to use while driving. It is also compatible with your Car’s commands, like knobs, buttons, touchpads, and touchscreens. The apps have also been redesigned for use in vehicles, allowing you to utilize them while keeping your eyes and hands on the road. Every major automobile manufacturer supports CarPlay. Over 600 models are already available, with more on the way.

Other third-party apps are supported with CarPlay, allowing users to handle more of their vehicle’s capabilities without ever leaving the app. Apple CarPlay is the best solution available in the market, offering users the best on-road experience and It’s all great unless the user ran into any problem and Apple CarPlay not working correctly. It’s possible that CarPlay won’t connect, that CarPlay apps won’t start properly, or that you won’t be able to hear anything when CarPlay is connected.

This article examines some of the reasons why CarPlay might not be working, as well as some potential solutions for getting everything back up and running.

Using the Apple CarPlay

In a compatible vehicle, using CarPlay is straightforward. First, use your Lightning cord to connect your iPhone to the Car’s USB port, then pick the CarPlay option on the screen. The exact method for selecting CarPlay varies with each vehicle, although it’s usually quite obvious.

Wireless CarPlay, is also available in a small number of cars, which allows users to connect the phone and use CarPlay without ever plugging in a cord. iPhone will manage the interface on the dashboard screen system.

Once CarPlay is enabled in the Car, the Car’s dashboard display turns into a second iPhone display. Although wholly redesigned, iPhone users will recognize the UI, with large icons very few settings. After all, intended for use while driving.

Thus everything is big, straightforward, and with just a few taps. CarPlay is compatible with all iPhones starting with the iPhone 5. Moreover, CarPlay itself doesn’t cost you anything only uses the phone’s data to navigate, message, or listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks.

Apple CarPlay not working: Reasons

There could be numerous reasons why the CarPlay might not be working as a user might be expecting. But, mostly be traced back to connectivity issues and 3rd party app integration, listed down some of the primary reasons reported for Apple CarPlay, not working.

  • USB cable with a fault.
  • Integration issues between apps are a common occurrence.
  • Incompatibility issues.
  • The system fails to detect an iPhone.
  • Issues with Bluetooth connections.
  • Having problems with an iOS upgrade.

Apple CarPlay not working: Fixes

CarPlay Compatibility

To begin, see if CarPlay is available in the country or region where you are using. If there is a problem, the user should contact the auto manufacturer to ensure that Apple CarPlay is compatible with the vehicle. Unfortunately, in-car incompatibility, there is no solution to the problem other than upgrading the Car itself. In the Car, compatibility Make sure your iPhone is running the most recent version of iOS; this should solve the problem.

CarPlay Connectivity

Apply Carplay not working all of a sudden, check the CarPlay stereo’s connection. If it’s a wired connection, try connecting to a different USB port if one is available with a spare or using the genuine USB cable. If the user would use a wireless connection, ensure that WIFI and Bluetooth are both turned on.

Restart iPhone and Dashboard media system

In all circumstances, a restart clears the software’s present situation. Any inactive piece of code gets eliminated. When the user restarts the device, it will begin again, restoring it to its previous state. The same might gets true with the apple CarPlay also. If the CarPlay logo does not appear on the screen, try restarting the iPhone along with the car media station. The restarting process is pretty simple with the iPhone. For car media station users can look up the car owner manual book.

CarPlay Setting

A quick check of the CarPlay settings would do the trick. But, first, the user must ensure that CarPlay is not on the restricted mode in the settings. In the event of being disabled, the Car will not detect the iPhone, and CarPlay might not work.

CarPlay stereo firmware

Users should ensure that their Car’s stereo firmware is up to date by checking with the manufacturer. Old, out-of-date versions may cause problems.

Set up CarPlay again

Attempt to pair the iPhone with the CarPlay stereo once more. First, look for the CarPlay option in the General section of Settings. Then, tap or delete your Car from the CarPlay window on your iPhone. It might as well work for you to start over.

Reset iPhone Settings

If none of the previous solutions work and the user still has Apple CarPlay, resetting the iPhone is a viable alternative. Custom user settings may sometimes cause third-party connection apps, which could be a problem with App CarPlay.


The power and simplicity of Apple CarPlay are hard to achieve by any of the competitors. If the customer is still having trouble connecting to CarPlay user may also contact Apple Support.

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