Six Solutions for AirPods keep Disconnecting and Reasons

AirPods are so popular among Apple users, and there are loads of valid reasons for that. However, the intention of this article is not to talk about the pros and cons of AirPods. If you are an AirPods user, you would know that they tend to disconnect occasionally, which is 100% ok. But, if you notice AirPods keep disconnecting more frequently, then that is something you have to worry about. Today, we are going to specifically talk about this issue that Apple users face. Let’s get started.

Fixes for AirPods Keep Disconnecting

Here are some of the reasons and best-working solutions when the AirPods keep disconnecting.

The battery power

This is kind of a no-brainer. If you see your AirPods keep disconnecting for no reason, the first thing you have to check is the batteries of the AirPods. One of the common mistakes most Apple users make is they think that putting the AirPods in the charging case would be enough to charge them. Yes, that is all you have to do, but first, you must verify that the cases are charged and ready to charge the AirPods.

So, it is imperative to check the battery condition of both AirPods and the charging case when you come across this issue.

Bluetooth connection

Again, this may sound so basic and simple, yet, you have to turn on the Bluetooth when you are using the AirPods.

This is how you turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone

Go to Settings of your iPhone and press on Bluetooth. Now toggle the switch “off” to “on”; if you notice it is already on, you have to switch off the Bluetooth and turn it on again. Note that it would be best if you wait about 20 seconds before turning Bluetooth on from off.

Then place the AirPods inside the case and keep the lid open. Now it will appear under My Devices as not connected. Here, you have to tap the name of the AirPods to connect with the iPhone. 

Reset the AirPods

We have seen many prior cases have been sorted with this method, and you can check whether it helps you too.

Here is how to reset AirPods on iPhone

First, place the AirPods in the cases and close the lid. Go to the setting of the iPhone and Bluetooth settings. Now press on the “I” mark of the AirPods and Forget the Device. Then confirm the action by tapping “confirm.”

Now, open up the lid of the case and press and hold the small button on the backside of the case for about 20 seconds. You will notice a light go from white to amber, which is the indication that your AirPods are completed the resetting process.

In order to connect them back again, you can follow the method we elaborated on in the Bluetooth section of the article. This will stop AirPods keep disconnecting issue in most situations.

Use only one AirPod

This is another eyebrow-raising method for sure, but an efficient one as well. We have seen people using only one ear bud when this issue happens with them as a solution. You can try two options in this trick.

The first and simplest one of the two methods is placing one AirPod in the case and using only one. Else, there is a setting on your iPhone to use only one ear bud. Here is how you do that.

Keep the AirPods in the case and open the lid. Then go to settings and tap on the Bluetooth, and select the AirPods. Now, press the “I” mark and choose the microphone from the given options. You should see default settings as automatic, enabling the microphone on both the AirPods. You can opt for either right or left in this setting.

Select the AirPods as the Audio Device

You have to make sure that your device has allowed AirPods as the primary audio device if you experience AirPods keep disconnecting. There is no need to manually adjust any setting as AirPods have the ability to work as the preferred audio device when you wear them on the ears. But, it would be a good idea to double-check whether there is any fluctuation of the settings. Here is how you do it.

Go to a music app installed on your iPhone and select AirPlay. Usually, you will see this icon right below the music track that you play on the app. From the audio options, select your AirPods.

Else, you have the option to select the audio device when you are making a phone call as well.

Clean the AirPods

You have to keep your gadgets and devices as clean as possible to use them to the fullest capacity; it’s the same with your AirPods. Since these are tiny little gadgets, you always should make sure they are in good condition in order to use them for a considerable period of time.

Dust and tiny little particles can creep inside the holes of the AirPods and cause various issues. Although it is kind of inevitable to prevent dust from getting inside the AirPods, you can use tools like AirPods buds to clean them once in a while. If you find it difficult to get hands onto specially designed AirPods Buds, you can use a toothbrush for the task. However, please do not force the toothbrush on the AirPods, and it is a job that you have to perform with utter care to prevent damages.

The final verdict on AirPods keep disconnecting

So, what is the condition of your error? If a hardware issue does not impact your AirPods, the solutions we brought today should be enough to resolve this issue. Please take a moment and comment below whether our suggestions have helped you or not. Also, if you know more methods, please mention them to help a buddy.

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