Role of America in the Technology

U.S.A. has always been a pioneer to the world in different ways and fields. This particular country has taken huge steps in the history. Her entire story has been a revolution since a child. She has passed not just decades but centuries trying to figure out her true nature. As a country America had to face a civil war. It is considered as the most significant event in the history.  It can also be considered as the one of the best events has happened on the earth as it has added so many values to the mankind. With the abolishment of the slavery America showed that he is enough ready as a country to face the world.

With the submarine activities by the Germany, America had to step aside from the neutral status. America risen as the giant for the new world after the conclusion of the WW II. Many heroes were made in the process while America became the leader among them. Many fields were opened to testify as uncompleted. New machineries, technologies, and fields were introduced to the world. As a result of this, new war machines, arms, missiles, submarines, aircrafts, radars, and complicated circuits were invented.

Since then U.S.A. had to maintain her figure as the smartest military guy in the world. Because of that, she had to take very crucial decisions to conquer Middle East several times throughout last decades. America didn’t have a one-man show as Russia had a good name as an opponent. So, America had to re-invent better things that Russia had invented. Central Intelligence Agency had the back of this journey.America Vs. Russia space war was such an example to show off. Both countries tried to reach the space. However Russia won the battle of reaching the space as the first while America could achieve the goal of landing on the moon which added all the credits to the America. It is not a wonder, other countries keep their eyes on this wonderful country.

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