How to Reset Samsung TV [SOLVED]

Samsung is one of the best when it comes to having a choice of television. It is good for you to know how to reset your Samsung TV in case your Samsung TV isn’t functioning well. How do you know you need to reset your Samsung TV?

If your Samsung continues going off and on while you are watching a movie or playing a video game, it could be an indication that you need to reset it.

If the pictures are not displaying properly on the screen or the television remote control ceases to work, it could be an indication that your Samsung needs to be reset.

There are two types of reset you can do on the Samsung TV, which include the power reset and the factory reset. The power reset turns off the television and automatically restarts after about one minute. A factory reset clears the entire file or saved settings on the television and makes the television as though it was just brought from the factory.

You might be tempted to do a factory reset on your television. It sounds nice, but it is not the right thing to do. Before you opt for resetting your Samsung television, you should check the self-diagnosis tools that are built-in in the Samsung television. There are several such self-diagnosis tools on modern Samsung televisions.

The diagnosis tools are designed to help you solve some challenges you might be facing using your Samsung television. The steps that will be discussed here on how to reset Samsung TV are generalized. You might want to check for the exact step for your Samsung television model should the steps not work or match your Samsung television.

How to Reset Samsung TV: Factory Reset

If you want to have a total do-over of your Samsung television, you can restore the complete TV settings to their original factory states. It is only the network settings that cannot be restored in this way to their factory settings.

To do a factory reset for your Samsung television, follow the below-mentioned steps.

You should start by launching Settings. Once the Settings open, then pick General. From General, choose reset, then you will have to enter your PIN. The default for the PIN is always 0000 if you haven’t changed it. Once you input the pin, then choose reset.

The TV will not reset yet. To have a complete reset, you must choose OK. Immediately as you choose OK, your television will automatically restart. Then, you have your factory reset done.

In case the process doesn’t match with your Samsung TV, this is how to reset Samsung TV that will match your TV model:

Go to Settings, and from there, choose support. From support, go ahead and choose Self Diagnosis. 

Here you will see reset located in the Menu. You might be left with no choice but to check your Samsung TV user manual for the instructions that will match best with your model. You cannot use the reset function on the Samsung TV app; take note.

Do you Need to Reset for Network?

If your TV is not connecting to the internet, you might not need to reset it. Try the following rather than considering how to reset Samsung TV for not connecting to the internet:

You should first have a Network Statue check on your TV. To do so, go to Settings, and from Settings, choose General. Among the options that pop up, select Network. Next, choose Network Status. Allow the Network Status to run to check the status of your internet connection. Note the following:

If the Network Status returns X between the router and TV, this is an indication that the issue is either coming from the TV or the local network. It is not a matter of reset.

However, if the Network Status returns the same X between the internet (denoted by an Earth icon) and the router, that is an indication that the problem is between the local home network and the ISP.

Generally, you don’t need a reset for Network issues on your Samsung television.

Another thing to use the Smart Hub to test your connection. The function of the Smart Hub Connection Test is to diagnose whatever challenge your connection is having. It does four things in checking your ISP, the internet connection, Samsung serves, and lastly the Apps service.

If, after you check the Smart Connection Hub, nothing happens, you might consider having a factory reset for the Smart Hub. Since it is a factory reset, you will be losing some data on your TV, such as your Samsung accounts, the services you have linked to your accounts, the service agreement of the Smart Hub, and lastly, you will lose the Smart Hub apps.

Do you Need a Reset for Pictures Issues?

If you are reading this to know how to reset Samsung TV because your pictures are not well displayed, you might not need to reset your TV for that purpose. What you need to do is to carry our Pictures test diagnosis on your Samsung television.

The Picture Test will let you know where the problem is coming from, whether it is from something else or the TV itself. The Picture Test can detect any fault that is related to the picture display on the TV.

To carry out the Picture Test, go to Settings, then choose support. From the Support options, choose Device Care and choose the next Self Diagnosis. From there, choose Start Picture Test. As the process proceeds, some instructions will pop up on the screen. You need to follow the instructions to complete the test.

If the whole test failed or you want to commence from scratch the pictures Settings of your TV, you can now think of how to reset Samsung TV for the problem to be solved.

To do so, go to Settings, and choose Picture. Nextselect Expert Settings. From the expert Settings, you can choose the Reset Picture. Once you do that, your pictures get restored to the factory settings.

How to rest Samsung TV: Sound Settings Reset

Go to Settings, and choose Sound. Then, just as w did for the Picture Test, choose Expert Settings, and finally, choose Reset Sound. You must press Yes to confirm the changes you have made.

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