How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Working

Facebook dating not working? We have found some easy fixes. This article is all about solutions for this annoying error.

Facebook is the most popular and well-known social networking platform. With over one billion users, Facebook is the largest social platform. Facebook offers connecting people worldwide, allowing them to make new friends and build more relationships.

Facebook, which employs over 58,604 people, continually develops new features to enable people to stay in touch with friends and family, find communities, and grow their businesses. Moreover, Facebook has recently introduced the Facebook Dating feature. This new digital dating feature seeks to make it easier to find love by allowing users to form meaningful relationships based on shared interests, events, and groups.

Soon after the announcement, the internet was flooded with searches for the Facebook dating feature by users. The majority of them were attempting to determine that why is Facebook dating not working?

Facebook Dating Announcement

On September 5, 2019, Facebook announced the dating feature initially in the USA on their official website blog. According to the statement, people will integrate their Instagram posts directly into their Facebook Dating profiles and add Instagram followers to their Secret Crush lists alongside Facebook friends. Facebook also highlights the significance of product security, privacy, and control, providing control and peace of mind. Updating to the newest version of Facebook, anyone aged 18 and up may create a second profile for Facebook dating. User’s Facebook Dating activity will be kept private only in the dating section of Facebook.

How does it work? 

The UI of Facebook Dating is similar to that of Facebook since It is just another feature of the same Facebook mobile app. By pressing the heart-shaped button on the main menu, the user can access the Facebook Dating section. Users may say yes or no by taping the Tinder-style huge X or big heart on the profile-dominated dating UI. You may also go back to profiles you’ve already passed on the Facebook dating app, an option that is only available in the premium version of tinder.

More photos, a profile description, replies to personality questions, and even a selection from their Instagram feed may be discovered by scrolling down to the other user profiles, which may help you decide whether try matching or continuing to the succeeding profiles.

Facebook Dating Not Working

Like other platforms, Facebook dating is not a separate platform; as stated earlier, it’s a feature of Facebook’s current Android and iOS mobile apps since it’s the newest addition to the Facebook portfolio. However, many users reported problems with the Facebook dating feature, including Facebook dating does not display on the Facebook app, Facebook dating not working, and Facebook dating won’t load. 

If Facebook Dating isn’t working for you, try some quick fix suggestions below.

Facebook Dating Not Working? Maybe it’s not available in your country

In addition to the United States, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Suriname, Thailand, Guyana, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Uruguay, and Vietnam has Facebook Dating feature currently available. Recently it is available in the UK for the first time after some delays. If your county is not listed here, that is why Facebook dating isn’t working for you. If your country lists here but still can’t use the Facebook dating service, consider the following solutions.

Age Limits

Even if Facebook is available in your country, you won’t utilize the dating feature if you are not 18+. It might be the minimum age requirement in the country where you live. Only those aged 18 and above are allowed to use the Facebook dating function.

Updating the Facebook App

It’s likely that the dating function isn’t working because the Facebook app isn’t up to date. First, upgrade to the most current version. Continue reading the article if the problem remains even after upgrading.

Try Restarting your device

Restarting the device can solve many problems. For example, when you turn on your phone, it will enable you to renew connections and assign additional memory to Facebook Dating.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

Users can also try uninstalling the app and installing it again. It will allow the user to login into the newly installed app, which might work for you.

Turn on Facebook Notifications

It’s possible that if the user turns off an app’s notification, it won’t function as it should. To check if this solves your problem, switch on Facebook notifications.

Clear Application Cache

The application can get clogged with corrupted cache data, causing a range of problems for users. Use the application manager to clean the app’s cache, which might prove to be a fortunate charm for you.

Internet Connection

Check to see if connected to a secure Wi-Fi network with a stable connection. If it isn’t, try again later when the internet connection is better.

Server Issues

Look up the issue on the internet to see if it’s just you or if the Facebook server is down. It happens in a small percentage of cases, but it could happen.

Facebook Help Center

If Facebook dating is still not accessible on Facebook after trying the options above, you may send a direct message to Facebook’s Technical Support staff via their Facebook page. You may do this on your computer or your Android or iOS smartphone. First, go to the Facebook Help Center on the website and follow the instructions.


We hope that you, with some relief, can start using Facebook dating by reading the above-provided information in this article. Facebook Dating has proven to be very straightforward to use for anyone who has previously used a dating app. So, click the “like” button or let your matches know by leaving a comment on their profile. You may even make plans to meet up at a concert if you and your partner decide to go together. 

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