All You Need To Know about Getting Windows Ready Stuck

So many users have reported getting stuck during the final installation stage of these updates. So we have compiled all the relevant information in the article that you need to know when “Getting Windows Ready Stuck.” error.

Microsoft created Windows as an operating system to allow people to operate computer hardware. The majority of new personal computers come preloaded with Windows, which adds to its reputation as the biggest and most popular operating system. Windows enables the completion of all sorts of routine operations on a computer.

Windows control a computer through a set of applications. Microsoft has created so many useful applications for Web browsing, calendar management, and listening to music so that users would benefit from such programs. Microsoft releases updates regularly to help users enhance their experience. The problem is, Windows 10 updates are famous for taking an abnormally long time to download and install. 

Getting Windows Ready Stuck

Many Windows 10 and Windows 8 users have reported unanticipated problems with their operating systems. “Getting Windows Ready Stuck” is the furthermost searched topic. It usually arises when an update file fails for no apparent reason, and the situation becomes serious, causing data corruption. We have listed some of the fixes to provide you with some relief to avoid any data loss.

Fixes for Getting Windows Ready Stuck

We have listed a few fixes and solutions to get you past from “Getting Windows Ready Stuck” error.

Be patient!

As previously said, installing window updates takes a long time. The issue generally arises when users attempt to restart their PC during updates installation, leading it to get corrupted. The reason might be an interruption of the background actions such as downloading and installing files, beginning a Windows 10 update process, or altering application and module settings. Therefore, it’s wise to wait for around 2-­3 hours before moving to any other fix.

Try Disconnecting the Internet Connection

During the update, Windows 10 may encounter communication issues with Microsoft servers. In addition, the operating system can freeze at the “Getting Windows ready ” screen, preventing it from proceeding further. Try disconnecting the internet if you have waited long enough during the installation phase. 

Try Power Resetting Your Computer

Turning off the computer may clear the RAM Memory, but it does not affect the disk data. This method might be beneficial in fixing this issue. Hold the power button for a few seconds while removing the attached external devices. Try starting the PC now to see if this fixes the issue for you.

Startup Repair

When you switch on your computer, hold down the shift key. It will provide you with a few alternatives from which to choose. You may pick Startup repair by going into advanced settings from the troubleshooting menu. Select the Administration account and continue typing the password in the startup repair option. Wait for the procedure to complete before restarting your computer.

Restore System from Image

Highly unlikely but, if you had created a system Restored point or system image backup when everything was running smoothly. You can attempt restoring the PC to a previous state by utilizing the restore point or image file. The windows can restore from a system image using the Microsoft website’s Media Creation Tool.

System File Checker

The system file checker application helps users to look and repair the potential problems with your system files. To boot from this, the user must insert an installation disc or connect a USB device to the PC after the advanced options window opens. Click Command Prompt. Enter “sfc /scannow” into the CMD and press Enter key. Command prompt window will automatically seek and repair system files. Try restarting the PC when the procedure is over.

Uninstall the latest Updated

Try reinstalling the last update, which might be the cause of your problem using safe mode. Use the advance option window, Choose Startup Settings and press F4 to get your computer into safe mode. After entering safe mode, go to control panel > Program features and click on the View installed update. Select the recently installed update and uninstall to get yourself out of the dead loop of the window.

New Installation of Windows

If none of the solutions listed above assists you in resolving the operating system problem, The final solution will be to install a fresh copy of Windows. If you have reached this point, we recommend you backup your important data to avoid losing it forever.  To backup from the existing partition of your window, try using any third-party tool.

Remember that you will need the license key to install the new window. After a fresh installation, the Getting Windows Ready Stuck problem will get eliminated.

Disable automatic updates

If the user dislikes the frequent Microsoft updates, consider deactivating them after everything has returned to normal. Run the services.msc command on the run window by pressing Windows + R. Locate and double-click Windows Update in the Services list. Under the General tab, choose Disabled as the Startup type, then click Apply.  User can also put their internet connection on Limited Mode to avoid downloading the latest updates.


So, try each of the methods mentioned above to see if any of them work for you. If the problem fixes, try developing a solid backup habit using an appropriate program to avoid similar problems happening in the future. There are numerous excellent third-party programs available online that can rapidly back up and restore your system regularly.

Users and support personnel would have a lot easier time troubleshooting Windows issues if they knew what was going on. But, unfortunately, only Microsoft has direct access to the source code of their program. Because no log file generates, the users must rely on hit and trial to determine what is causing the difficulties.

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